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Children are not being protected from being harmed from content on the internet. SafeCast has a global solution which does not require legislation and is not censorship. It is free to use and can be implemented in 2021 through using international video standards. To gather support internationally we are running a global campaign via this website for the public to insist that their governments and telecommunications regulators demand the amendment of global standards to properly protect children and vulnerable people through pre-labelling of content.

Pre-labelling of content will mean that inappropriate content can be safely filtered away from children without censorship or artificial intelligence taking control of the processes involved in filtering material. Users of the internet can self-regulate their content before they upload it without fear that their content will be censored by a corporate AI running a secret process.

We need you to sign this petition which will be sent to national telecommunications regulators and governments so that children can be made safer in 2022. Thank you for your support.